Do you need a complicated, expensive website that is hard to maintain? No! Unfortunately, that’s what people can sometimes end up with these days.

I can help you make something better: a clean, streamlined site or online store that looks and works great, and that you can update yourself.

It’s nice to have a modern, functional website that you control!

  • If you need a new website or online store, or have an old site that needs rescuing, let me help.
  • My specialty is clean, focused sites built on web platforms like Squarespace or Shopify. They're easy to update, and I'll show you how. (I can do updates too if you would prefer not to.)
  • Whatever you do, it'll probably be easier with an effective website site that doesn't give you fits.
  • I’ve built podcast sites, news sites, ecommerce sites, blogs, portfolios, and sites for non-profit organizations and small businesses. Here are some examples:



A thirty-minute conversation is worth 1,000 emails. Tell me what kind of website you need. I'll let you know whether I can help, and about what it might cost.



Hard of course to give an accurate estimate without a sense of what your specific goals are for a new website, but here are some ballpark numbers.

  • $750+A small business, a personal website, or artist's portfolio. A website with a couple of pages, more informational than transactional.
  • $2,000+Personal website site with a blog, Instagram and Twitter integration. Easy to cross-post to all social media.
  • $3,500+Ecommerce site with shipping and inventory. Accept credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.
  • $5,000+Small organization with blog, events calendar, photo galleries, donate page, etc. Everything needed to connect with your audience.
  • $ ????A new site to meet your needs. Hard to say without talking, so let's schedule some time.


I’m a long-time producer and builder of websites of all kinds, many for a big children’s publishing company over the course of twenty years.

For much of that time, making a serious website meant employing teams of expensive people. Inexpensive options for getting on the web weren’t great: either learn html yourself, or you're stuck with Facebook.

Then, web-based content management systems like Squarespace or Shopify let the average person without much technical expertise build a website.

The problem is that most folks have never built a website, and putting all your stuff onto pages in a sensible way that everyone will understand is harder than it seems. That's where I come in. I'll take your stuff and put it into a structure and format that makes sense to your visitors, who have seen a lot of websites and expect yours to work like the rest.

Once the site has been put together, it's easy to maintain and add content and I'll show you how. My goal is to help you build a good website, then hand it over to you. (Though I’m on call if you run into problems.)

Thanks for reading this far, I hope we have the chance to work together!

    – C A J